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At MOLOKO we are dedicated to the creation and management of sales teams specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each brand in Spain.

Our main mission is to strategically and effectively promote brand positioning  in the market. We have established a large sales network that operates throughout the country from our main showroom.Our sales team and Brand Managers are always actively seeking growth opportunities in terms of  brand expansion for the  products we represent.

We are devoted to exploring new horizons and innovative strategies that drive the development and presence of our brands in the market.We are committed to the continued growth and long-term success of each of our business partners.

We know that pop-up stores are the key to stand out and increase your sales at specific times.   Our team is passionate about working their magic in every corner of Spain, managing pop-up stores and Flagships in a comprehensive way. From the strategic choice of locations to the coordination with star collaborators, through to the organization of events that leave a lasting impression, we take care of everything!

Our marketing and communications team is always in action, working with brands to ensure that every strategy is executed with precision and passion. From strategic collaborations with influencers to events to promote brand visibility across the country.

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